Are you sitting at home or in your office thinking "Wow! It is HOT in here. Isn't the air supposed to kick on any minute?" We've all been there. Living in the mid-west, we are used to experiencing all seasons within one season! We program our thermostats according to what we think the weather is supposed to do this day/week/month; only to be suffering when we are wrong. But, what if it didn't have to be that way? What if, there was a thermostat that knew what the weather was doing, if you had left the house, or what temperature you like to keep your home?

NEST Thermostat is just that!

This thermostat gets to know you and your families' habits. It will learn what temperature you like to keep your home at all hours of the day. It will learn when you are gone and when you should be returning. Saving you 10-12% on your energy bill, it also can be linked to your smartphone, allowing you to make changes to it when you need to. 

Now, that's a home that knows you!

For more information on how NEST Thermostat can increase your homes selling potential, call or text us and we will gladly guide you.

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