The school year isn't even over yet; however, now is the time to think about what school district your child(ren) will be attending next year. Obviously, where you live determines which school your kids will be going to, unless you open enroll. Here are some factors to take into account as you shop for your new home this spring:

1) LOCATION! According to, when you invest in a home in the neighborhood of a "good" school, whether you have children or not, you get a good environment AND it preserves the value of your home.

2) COMMUNITY! What kind of community do you want to live in, make memories in, feel at home in? There are schools that promote closeness, community, camaraderie, teamwork, and build staff and students up. Ask potential neighbors what their opinions are on the school nearby.

3) ACADEMICS! What is the teacher/student ratio? What is the graduation rate? Do they offer transferable AP College courses? A quick search on Google can give you all of that information within minutes.

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