How to know if you are ready to sell your houseOn our previous post we suggested some great ways to get your house ready for sale. Today, we wanted to share with you how to know if you are ready to put your house on the market?

Your home has been with you through a lot. Whether it’s your first home together as a couple, your first home you brought baby to, or the first place of your own declaring your independence. It has withstood raging tempests, drifting snow, and scorching summers. You have painted, remodeled and DIY’ed to the point that it looks like a picture from HGTV. Despite all these things you are thinking about a new home.

Here is how we feel you know when it’s time to go:

  1. You no longer love your home
    1. One day you wake up and realize what’s bothering you, you no longer love your home. You wouldn’t have believed in a million years it would come to this but it no longer says you. It’s okay, start looking at homes on the market. Refresh your finances to see what you can afford. Adventure is out there!
  2. Your house is all up in your business
    1. Let’s face it. You have outgrown your home. Where there was space and quiet is chaos and people bumping into each other. Families needing to upgrade to a larger home have a harder time leaving their home. Just remind yourself you can take memories with you and make more, keeping your sanity in a tight space not so much.
  3. You find yourself scrolling what’s new on the market
    1. Sometimes we just need a change and that’s A-Okay! If you have a game plan of how to go about buying and moving, do it! Home owners are no longer staying in their homes for the long term, as they once did. Who knows your home could be someone’s dream home!

There are many more reasons for wanting to sell your home from job changes to lifestyle, you have to make sure you are solid in your decision and have a good plan for financing.

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