We've all felt it. The moment something happens in our lives, that leaves a mark deeper than a scar; yet lifts the heart to monumental heights....kindness. You received a card in the mail and it wasn't your birthday or a national holiday. A friend stopped over just to say "Hi". You get to work and see coffee and breakfast on your desk. That sense of all-consuming gratefulness that you feel when somebody does something to make your day. You can ride on that all week, if you let it. Be that person that does these things for others. Be that neighbor that picks up the newspaper from the driveway and hand-delivers it to the elderly gentleman that lives across the street. Be that friend that snowplows the single mom's driveway next door when you're done with yours. Be that family member that encourages harmony; and be that community member that jumps in and volunteers to support great living in Marshalltown. Kindness takes but only a small unconditional gesture.