The polar vortex is upon us and winter is coming. With snow on the ground and more to come, the time to get your house ready for the winter is getting less. Being prepared for the coming months of bitter cold and freezing winds a responsible thing to do, especially when unpreparedness can wreak havoc on your home, emotions and pocket book. Here are some ways you can prep your home for winter:

  • Check your sealed areas. This doesn’t mean seal all exits; it means check the caulking on your windows and the weather stripping around your doors. Windows are a great place to lose heat. Making sure your windows are properly caulked will help with heat leakage and keeping cold air out. Same goes for weather stripping. Also laying down draft blockers can help keep your warm areas warm.
  • Put up the drapes. Heavy drapes may be old fashioned, but they really do help keep the draft out and insulate the room. If you don’t want to drape the windows you can nail plastic around the outside of the windows. This works as a barrier to the cold and still lets light in.
  • Change your furnace filter. If hot air can’t move through the filter, it can’t heat as efficiently. Furnace filters should be replaced every three months if not sooner. If you don’t know how hire a professional to come show you or do it for you.
  • Make sure your fire place is in order. If you have a regular fireplace make sure the flue closes properly, the chimney has been swept, and everything is in working order. If the flue closes properly it stops the drafts from coming in and heat doesn’t escape as quickly.
  • Clean your gutters. As you don’t want leaves clogging up your gutters you don’t want ice getting stuck then getting too heavy for your gutters and then your gutters fall off your house. Not good for you or your house.
  • Reverse the ceiling fans. By making them go clockwise it will force the warm air down thus making it warmer.

There are many more ways from replacing insulation to wrapping pipes to installing a new thermostat, to get your home ready for winter. By making your home more energy efficient you not only conserve heat but your energy costs are lower, thus saving you money. Stay warm and cozy this winter season.